Here are our favorite gifts for the home by Latino businesses. Find the perfect decoration or accent for your loved ones' spaces.

Latino Holiday Gifts for The Home – 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Here are our favorite gifts for the home by Latino businesses. Find the perfect decoration or accent for your loved ones’ spaces.


You will be a hit with this precious Avocado Planter – an instant injection of whimsy and greenery. Este adorable planter in the shape of an avocado is destined for a prime spot by your sunniest window, adding a touch of freshness to any space. Con un agujero en la parte inferior, this planter ensures optimal watering and drainage, keeping your plants happy and healthy. Crafted from ceramic, the Avocado Planter is both charming and functional. Con dimensiones de 5″ x 4″ x 6.3″ (12.7 x 10.2 x 16 cm), it’s the perfect size for your favorite small plants. Gift this delightful planter to someone special, and let the joy of avocados bloom in their home. 🥑🌿✨

Elena Flores


Founder Elena Flores, a proud Latina, wife, and CHINGONA, invites you to explore her vibrant sewing world. Raised in Eagle Pass, Texas, and now residing in Corpus Christi with her husband and four furry companions, Elena embarked on her sewing venture in 2014 as a colorful hobby. With a passion for all aspects of Mexican culture, from food to traditions, Elena crafts bright and bold creations that reflect her love for shine. Obsessed with her heritage, she shares this journey on her blog/website, inviting you to join her in this exciting new chapter. 


This Pan Dulce 8.5oz Candle – a fragrant delight handcrafted for those who appreciate the sweet side of life is gift perfection. Este candle, poured into a sleek white matte glass vessel, offers 55+ hours of burn time, allowing you to savor the comforting scent notes. Con notas de canela, clavo, avellana, crema, café, coco, vainilla, y arce, this vegan coconut wax candle is a symphony of warm and inviting aromas. Formulated with only the good stuff – environmentally conscious, vegan-friendly, and sustainable – it’s an eco-friendly choice for conscientious gift-givers. Handcrafted in California, cada vela is a testament to small-batch artistry, bringing a touch of warmth and sweetness to any space. 

Michelle Barrionuevo-Mazzini


Owner and Founder, Michelle Barrionuevo-Mazzini is a First-Gen Latina from San Francisco, CA who is deeply connected to her South American roots and Latine heritage. Sharing her cultura has been an integral part of her entrepreneurial journey and in the story she wants to share with others. A highlight of Michelle’s career, is being the first Latina-owned candle brand to debut in Macy’s.

This House Runs on Cafecito y Chisme Floor Mat


Gift this mat to someone who values a warm, inviting home and appreciates the delightful combination of cafecito and chisme.  This doormat is the perfect way to infuse life into any entryway, adding a dose of cultura to a doorstep. Crafted from natural coir sourced from coconuts, these mats are both durable and functional, keeping dirt and mud at bay. Cada tapete is made to order, showcasing its uniqueness and handmade charm. Measurements vary, and since each mat is crafted by hand, there might be slight variations in the design, giving it a bespoke touch. ☕🚪✨

Loriza Anthony


Loriza Anthony, the creative force behind Corazón Calavera, introduces herself as a wife, mom, coffee addict, pan dulce enthusiast, and entrepreneur deeply connected to the vibrant culture of San Antonio. Corazón Calavera, a Latina-owned small business, showcases Loriza’s talent in hand-painted sombreros, art, and regalitos. Her creations pay homage to the grace and beauty inherent in la cultura, reflecting a profound love for her heritage. Loriza invites you to explore the artistic expressions of Corazón Calavera, where every piece is a testament to the richness of cultural celebration.

Medium Palo Santo Set



Delight your loved ones with the Medium Palo Santo Set, a gift that brings the essence of South America into their space. Palo Santo, a wild tree from the same family as frankincense, myrrh, and copal, is a fragrant treasure with roots deep in the heart of the continent. Este conjunto showcases the aromatic wonders of Palo Santo, imparting sweet notes of pine, mint, and lemon. Each stick is a piece of nature’s tranquility, perfect for rituals or simply bringing a touch of calming aroma to any space. Gift this set to someone special and let the soothing scent of Palo Santo create an ambiance of relaxation and connection with the natural world. 🌿✨

Dawn Marie West


Dawn Marie West, an Art Director and Fine Art Photographer hailing from Queens, New York, boasts 15 years of expertise in the Visual Arts realm. A Photography graduate from the Academy of Art University, Dawn honed her technical skills, later serving as Senior Operations Supervisor at The International Center of Photography in NYC.

In 2018, Dawn founded La Boticá, a groundbreaking concept brand merging luxury perfumery with contemporary art, reflecting her Afro-Dominican heritage. As a self-taught perfumer, she uses fragrance as a storytelling medium, aligning with her visual art philosophy. The debut collection, The Subtropics, intricately explores her Dominican roots and identity through scent.

Santa Candle from Vela Negra



It’s a different kind of Santa!  SANTA//SAINT, a limited edition wax sculpture candle, is more than a mere candle; she’s a celebration of women, beauty, divinity, and más*. Crafted as a true work of art, this candle pays homage to the divine feminine. Lightly fragranced with a Santal aroma, blending notes of amber, sandalwood, and cardamom, she’s almost too beautiful to burn. Choose between the Medium (6″) or Large (8″) height, and should you decide to burn her, expect approximately 2 hours of exquisite fragrance. Made from beeswax for intricate detailing, each sculpture is unique with slight variations in color and texture. Give the essence of divine femininity and a touch of aromatic elegance. 🕯️✨

Aisha Cort


Aisha Cort, the visionary behind VELA NEGRA, transforms a stress-relieving outlet into a profound expression of heritage and home. The choice of black wax in the candles isn’t arbitrary—it symbolizes dispelling negativity and embracing new beginnings. VELA NEGRA becomes a potent source of protection, comfort, and strength, illuminating darkness as it appears. Aisha draws inspiration from her Afro-Cuban and Guyanese roots, infusing each fragrance with memories of Cuba and Puerto Rico. Hand-poured with 100% vegan coconut soy wax and ethically sourced materials, these candles promise a luxurious and environmentally conscious experience. With names evoking heritage, VELA NEGRA’s small batch collections invite you to fill your home with unforgettable fragrances, blending tradition with sustainability.

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