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Latino Holiday Gifts for Kids – 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Here are our favorite gifts for kids of all ages made by Latino businesses.


Known for her powerful voice and eccentric style, Celia Cruz has become one of the most popular singers in the world—having won scores of awards, including gold records! ¡AZUCAR!

In this biography book you’ll introduce little ones to her remarkable life. Known as the “Queen of Salsa”, the incomparable music of Celia Cruz continues to be sugar to our ears.

Authors: Patty Rodriguez and Ariana Stein
Illustrator: Citlali Reyes
Dimensions: 6.75″ x 6.75″
Weight: 11 oz
Ages: 0-5

Ariana Stein and Patty Rodriguez


Lil’ Libros was born out of a deep desire to make a positive impact on our littlest ones. It all began in Los Angeles when two friends and mothers, Patty Rodriguez and Ariana Stein came together with a vision to create captivating books that they did not have access to growing up—books that celebrate cultural diversity and bilingual literature in English and Spanish with boundless enthusiasm and a commitment to quality, they embarked on a journey to ignite the imaginations of children everywhere!


Your children will fall in love with Coco’s story and this plush toy. This book bundle includes the book and the Puerto Rican parrot plush toy.

Coco la cotorra puertorriquena children’s book. (Spanish Edition)
The plush toy is 8 1/4 inches tall, soft, and plushy.
Coloring Page
Coco Bilingual Board Game

Meet Coco the Puerto Rican Parrot also known as “iguaca” its taíno indigenous name and Amazona vittata its scientific name.

Maria Dueñas Jacobs


An accessories aficionado, Maria Dueñas Jacobs came from the glossy world of magazines to join the community of small but mighty entrepreneurs. She founded Super Smalls to combine her love of ornate artisan objects with her passion for all things #MomLife and kid-centric fun.

With three (super) small daughters, Maria’s family home is a headquarters of dress-up, make-believe, and serious laughter. Influenced by her girls’ inventive dreams, fearless imaginations, and VERY honest feedback, Super Smalls was born. No need for “borrowing” Mom’s jewels when they’ve got their own!


Keepin’ the little ones styled and protected! with the Virgencita!

We dare you not to fall in love with these adorable 100% Cotton T-Shirts. With a wide range of kids’ sizes, you can knock off a bunch of the kiddos on your list with this stylish and meaningful gift.
Original Art by SpecOne

Sizes available for 1 to 12 year olds.

Colors Available: Pink, White, Black

Noelle Reyes and Danell Hughes


Mujer Lifestyle & Apparel brand inspired by our Vida, Resistencia y Cultura. Mi Vida es nuestra familia. We fully support DIY ideology and hand-crafted artwork, jewelry, fashion and home decor. Our chicano team is all about craft and design hecho con amor. Mi Vida team members design, print and manufacture all of our products in Los Angeles. Our products represent the love of our cultura and our cuidad in its every essence. Each customized product we create showcases the love we have within ourselves and for our customers.


There is a reason why we have featured Hola Mijas Bonitas Stickers in all of our guides.

Because they Rock in both adorableness and affordability.

These festive stickers are unique, high quality and oh so cute! 

4 x 6 Glossy Sticker Sheet

You’ll be the coolest tia/tio when you get one for all the little bonitas on your list.

Claudia Ramos


Claudia Ramos, the artist behind all the illustrations, created the Hola Mijas Bonitas brand and its characters to share her own diverse, lively experiences growing up in LA. She creates sticker sheet collaborations and donates a % of the proceeds to several foundations.

Claudia is proud to be the first generation in her family, originally from El Salvador, to graduate with a B.A. from CSUN and be an entrepreneur. “I want to spread joy and happiness to the world!”


Teens on your list? We’ve Got You!

The Designer Life Workbook is a TRANSFORMATIVE Workbook Designed Specifically for Teens Who Want to Unlock Their Full POTENTIAL, Cultivate Emotional Intelligence, and Create a Life They Love.

This workbook is designed to help teens\tweens embark on a journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and meaningful connections. It is their guide to self awareness, emotional intelligence, effective communication and personal growth.

Naomi Nye


Naomi Nye is a mindset, trauma coach and fierce advocate for education, youth personal development and mental health. Her passion comes from her own personal experience. After an attempted suicide Naomi questioned how she had derailed her life so far and knew she had to get to the root cause of how she led her life astray. She began to study the neuroscience behind human behavior: the patterns that are our thoughts, feelings, impulses and actions. Most importantly, how to use neuroplasticity to break free from the grip our subconscious holds on us. Now, Naomi’s mission is teaching teens how to develop the mental toughness they need to overcome life’s challenges successfully and build a strong foundation so that they can create a life of meaning and purpose.

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