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Latino Holiday Gifts for Art Lovers – 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Here are our favorite gifts for art lovers and wanna-be artists by Latino businesses.

Divine Transformation Art Print



Give the gift of divine beauty with this gorgeous print, professionally reproduced on premium paper with pigment ink. 

Each print is carefully packaged in a clear, resealable cello packet, ensuring it reaches you in pristine condition. Frames not included, allowing you to choose the perfect frame to complement your space.

Regala the beautiful work of  Anna Alvarado and bring a touch of divine transformation to someone’s home. 🎨✨

Anna Alvarado


Anna Alvarado, a Latinx art creator and storyteller, embarked on a self-taught journey in painting after studying graphic design at the Art Institute of Seattle. Since 2007, Anna has delved into the intricate facets of the female spirit through thought-provoking and emotionally raw paintings. Her art, rooted in Mexican heritage, fearlessly utilizes bold colors, powerful symbols, and extraordinary folklore, capturing the essence of being a Latinx woman in the US. Transitioning from a corporate director to a full-time artist and business owner, Anna remains a proud storyteller, celebrating strong Latinas in the United States.

Round Guerrero Clay Ornament Box


Beautiful handcrafted clay ornaments! Each piece is hand painted with care and love by our artisan Cindi from Guerrero, Mexico. The colors and designs are inspired on Mexico’s culture. Each is truly one of a kind! 

Ornaments has a cord ready to hang.

Ball diameter 3 in (without hanging cord) 


Nancy Quero Ramirez


Nancy Quero Ramirez, an immigrant to the United States at eighteen, seamlessly merged American life with her rich heritage. Despite adapting to the new culture, she preserved her connection to Mexican roots through language and cuisine. However, expressing her Mexicana identity through clothing posed a challenge.

In 2005, Ramirez founded Guelaguetza Designs to bridge this gap, offering West Michigan communities authentic products embodying their home culture. These creations, with their unique voices, reflect values and contribute to the Mexican identity. Beyond sharing Mexican culture, Guelaguetza Designs values true cultural exchanges, fostering a love for learning about other cultures.

Puerto Rican Salsa Trio Figurine Set


Celebrate the vibrant rhythm of salsa with the Puerto Rican Salsa Trio Figurines Set, a homage to Hector Lavoe, Willie Colon, y Yomo Toro, legendary salsa performers hailing from Puerto Rico. Este set de figuras stands at 3.5″ / 9 cm high, capturing the essence of these iconic artists and their collaborations with Fania Records. Hechas de clay and meticulously hand-painted by artisans of the Peruvian Andes, each figurine is a unique piece of art. With measurements of 9 cm, these hand-painted ceramic sculptures are a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Puerto Rican music. Regala este set to a music enthusiast or someone who appreciates the artistry behind the beats of salsa, bringing a touch of Caribbean rhythm to their space. 🎶🇵🇷✨

Rubén Berrocal


Ruben Berrocal Moscoso, the man behind Kusca Peru, uses his love for Peruvian craftsmanship to highlight the wealth, art and culture of our beautiful country.

Kusca is a Fair Trade brand, from BERROCAL, a Peruvian company that exports decoration and gift items handmade by Peruvian artisans. Each product is ethically crafted and responsibly handmade , under fair conditions for the crafters.

The brand is a very important pillar in the development and improvement of their lifestyle.

Grazing in the Grass - Art Print



Capture the essence of neo-expressionism with the Poster Print of ‘Grazing in the Grass.’

Inspired by a photo taken at the DC Zoo featuring a majestic buffalo, this digital artwork channels the spirit of the 1968 jazz song of the same name by Hugh Masekela.

Poster Print: 100 lb. Matte Paper 11 x 14 in

Hand Signed on back by Artist Juan Torrico.

Juan Torico


Juan Torico, known professionally and in the NFT world as DoccRico, is a Peruvian-American digital neo-expressionism artist and photographer whose unrivaled passion for storytelling through art inspires him to elevate ordinary snapshots and everyday subject matter into extraordinary digital neo-expressionism paintings that celebrate the American spirit, examines pop culture, and spotlights the contributions of American Latinos. DoccRico’s artwork pushes the boundaries of photo editing and brings forth a harmonious blend of technology and artistic expression. DoccRico’s computer screen serves as his canvas, and a mouse acts as his paintbrush.

Colorful Hand Painted Ceramic Fish Mobile Pottery


Infuse your loved one’s space with lively energy with the Colorful Hand Painted Ceramic Fish Mobile Pottery. Este encantador mobile features vibrant and uniquely painted fish, each a masterpiece created by skilled artisans in Mexico. These adorable hanging fish bring a pop of color que definitivamente brightens any space, ya sea indoors or outdoors. Whether suspended in a living room, patio, or garden, this mobile adds a touch of artistry and a splash of color to elevate any area. Gift this delightful and handmade piece to someone who appreciates the beauty of artisanal craftsmanship and let them experience the joy of colorful charm in their surroundings. 

Jennifer Giron


Jennifer Giron offers exceptional deals on a culture she deeply loves in her etsy shop. Jennifer, operating under the name “Mexicanhobo,” assures that all her offerings will be authentic and crafted in the traditional style of Mexican and Latin American Folk Art. Embracing handmade craftsmanship, she invites the you to explore and appreciate the richness of these cultural creations.

Check out the other categories below to round out your Christmas list and support Latino businesses this holiday!

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