El Jefe OG Bucket Hat
Here are our favorite gifts for the parents in your life by Latino businesses. Find the perfect gift that Mami and Papi will adore.

Latino Holiday Gifts for Parents – 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Parenting is HARD work, physically, mentally and even spiritually. These gifts will help mami and papirecover, get pampered and prepare for another year of the challenging  yet loving and rewarding journey of raising buena gente.

Here are our favorite gifts for the parents in your life by Latino businesses. Find the perfect gift that Mami and Papi will adore.

El Jefe OG Bucket Hat



Give practicality, comfort, y estilo with the El Jefe OG Bucket Hat. Block the sun in pure cotton twill, maintaining coolness with sewn eyelets – perfect for a leisurely stroll in the park or an intense sports match. Este bucket hat combines a 3 ¾″ (7.6 cm) crown with a 2 ¼″ (5.1 cm) brim, creating a versatile accessory for any activity. One size fits most, and the breathable design adapts to your lifestyle. Producto measurements may vary by up to 2″ (5 cm), so when in doubt or between sizes, siempre size up! Gift this hat to someone special, and let them embrace the perfect fusion of comfort and fashion under the sun. 🌞👒

Carlos Ugalde


Carlos Ugalde, born in Bolivia and immigrated to the US with his family as a kid is the man behind House of Chingasos, an online store that brings nostalgic phrases back to life by adding them to T-shirts, hoodies, and hats.

Carlos creates clothing that speaks to our experience in all it’s beautiful y loco forms. Our struggles, our humor and our heart to wear con orgullo.

For the mijos y mijas that are from both worlds 100% Latino 100% American. 

The Whole Enchilada Dezi Gift Set


¡Regala la experiencia completa con The Whole Enchilada Gift Set! Este kit de minis es simplemente espectacular. Incluye un serum de vitamina C, una crema hidratante en gel, un rociador facial y una mascarilla hidratante nocturna, todos cuidadosamente reunidos en una bolsa personalizada de DEZI cosmetics. Each mini in this set packs a punch, offering a powerful skincare routine that’s perfect for on-the-go indulgence or testing out the full DEZI experience. La vitamina C ilumina, la crema en gel hidrata, el rociador refresca y la mascarilla nocturna proporciona un cuidado intensivo mientras duermes.

Desi Perkins


Founded by Desi Perkins, DEZI SKIN is a beauty venture that goes beyond makeup, emphasizing the significance of skincare. As Desi’s career flourished, transparency became a priority, showcasing her authentic self without makeup and unveiling the realities of everyday life. Recognizing the universal desire for authenticity, DEZI SKIN aims to instill a love for natural beauty.

DEZI SKIN’s flagship product, YOUTH JUICE, is a proprietary blend of all-natural Mexican extracts, featuring ingredients such as Mexican Plum fruit, Dragon Fruit, Açai Berry, Tamarind, Mango, Soursop, Guava, and Avocado. Responsibly sourced in Mexico, this blend is rich in antioxidants, offering a unique approach to skincare that aligns with Desi’s commitment to genuine beauty.

I Heart Tamales - Apron



Celebrate the joy of tamalada season with the “I Heart Tamales Apron” – a design inspired by the beauty of papel picado. Este delantal fits both women and men, making it the ideal accessory for anyone ready to embark on the tamale-making festivities of Fall. This original design is not just an apron; it’s a heartfelt homage to the tradition and love that goes into crafting tamales. Gift it to your abuelas, mamas, abuelos, papis, y mamis, and let them wear their passion for tamales with pride. Este delantal es más que una prenda; es una expresión de cariño hacia la cultura culinaria que une familias. ¡Regala amor y tradición con el “I Heart Tamales Apron”! 🍂👨‍🍳

Yreina Flores


Founder Yreina Flores’s roots trace back to the City of Indio, known as “The City of Festivals,” where she participated in local parades alongside her grandfather, the founder of the International Tamale Festival. Surrounded by community events and inspired by her community-organizer family, Yreina’s artwork reflects her deep love for her hometown.

Her papel picado pieces have graced exhibitions at prestigious venues like the National Museum of Mexican Art and the Palm Springs Art Museum. Holding a BFA in Photography from Art Center College of Design, 

The Modern Woman Planner



If mami is a planner and likes to keep track of la vida, the Modern Woman Planner is the perfect gift for her. This effective and easy-to-use planner will guide her in planning and tracking goals by quarter, making them much simpler to achieve.  Designed with a modern woman in mind, this planner understands the juggling act of life and provides a practical approach to streamline your goals. Give mami the gift of  simplicity and organization and with The Modern Woman Planner and you’ll be giving her an effective and uncomplicated approach to achieve her goals! 📅✨”

Joselyn Martinez


Joselyn Martinez, a NYC-based entrepreneur and CEO of Joselyn Martinez Inc., empowers ambitious women through her personal development brand. Originating from Washington Heights, she challenges the idea of choosing between societal demands and personal happiness.

Joselyn’s brand offers workshops, digital courses, and The Modern Woman Mastermind® to guide women towards a fulfilling life. Her background as an NYU Pre-Law student fueled her determination to research and bring her father’s murderer to justice, gaining widespread media coverage.

The Abuelos Coffee Mug



The Abuelos Coffee Mug is the ideal regalo for those cherished abuelos who are the rock in our lives, keeping us going and embodying the heart of every Latino family. Abuelos are the amorcito that lights up our days, and what better way to celebrate their warmth than with a cozy cup of coffee in this special mug! Crafted from ceramic with a glossy finish, this 11 oz mug is not just a vessel for your favorite brew; it’s a tribute to the love and strength of abuelos everywhere.  Hand-wash only to preserve the warmth and memories with each sip. 🌞☕💙

Justo Garcia


Embarking on his journey as a Latino designer nearly two decades ago in Boston, Justo Garcia faced the challenge of finding apparel reflecting his Latino immigrant roots. This led to the creation of “DeezShirts,” a t-shirt business that involved selling well-designed goods from the back of a van in Latino neighborhoods—a magical experience.

After a hiatus focused on software design and building, he’s back, fueled by the same love and passion that drove him around Boston. Rebranded as Latino Brand, he’s revived the classic designs, infused fresh ideas, and aims to represent all Latinos. With a commitment to celebrating unique heritage, he invites others to join this exciting journey of community and cultural pride.

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