Mexican Chocolate Molinillo Set
Here are our favorite gifts for everyone by Latino businesses. Find a little cosita for your loved ones.

Latino Holiday Gifts for Everyone – 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Here are our favorite gifts for everyone by Latino businesses. Find a little cosita for your loved ones.

Mexican Chocolate Molinillo Set


This Mexican Chocolate Molinillo Set is the ideal gift for anyone who appreciates the art of chocolate-making. Comenzamos with fair-trade cacao, ground in-house, and blended into our exclusive recipe. Discover WHY this unique product earned a spot in the LA Times piece, “The 4 Places in LA to Find Great Mexican Hot Chocolate.” Directions: Mix 1 tbsp. Mexican Hot Chocolate per 6 oz. of hot or cold milk for a rich and aromatic experience.  The set includes an 8 oz tin of Chocolate Mexicano, made with organic cacao beans, and a Molinillo handcrafted by artisans in Mexico – ensuring the perfect froth for your chocolate mexicano! 🍫✨

Alfredo y Ricardo


Founded by Alfredo Livas and Ricardo Cervantes, La Monarca Bakery is a celebration of the cherished pan dulce and pastries from their Mexican hometown. Committed to quality, all products are crafted with fresh ingredients, devoid of preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors. La Monarca contributes 1% of proceeds to ECOLIFE Conservation, aiding their monarch butterfly preservation programs. Beyond the website sales donation, La Monarca collaborates on a retail initiative every April, enhancing awareness and fundraising for ECOLIFE. Indulge in the authentic sweetness of Mexico while supporting a cause close to La Monarca’s heart.

Sofrito Trio Combo by Loisa



Dive into the vibrant world of Latin flavors with the Sofrito Trio Combo by Loisa. This aromatic trio – Classic, Rojo, y Recaito – invites you to explore the rich variations of this classic cooking sauce. The beauty lies in the fact que no hay una única forma correcta de hacer Sofrito (don’t tell our abuelitas we said that)! Crafted in collaboration with Chef Yadira Garcia, each Sofrito is a celebration of natural goodness – non-GMO, naturally vegan, and free from additives or anything artificial. Plus, they’re shelf-stable (only refrigerate after opening). Este conjunto introduces you to the bright and balanced Classic, the rich and aromatic Rojo, and the bold and herby Recaito. Gift this flavor-packed trio to someone special and let them embark on a culinary journey inspired by the authentic tastes of Latino cuisine. ¡Buen provecho! 🍲✨

Kenny Luna and Scott Hattis


Loisa is a Latino-owned business born out of the homes of our co-founders Kenny Luna and Scott Hattis. As they both prepared to start families, they embarked on a mission to make Sazón and Adobo without artificial ingredients so that they could proudly pass on their families’ Dominican heritage foods onto their children. In 2021, Dominican community chef, food activist, and educator Yadira Garcia of Happy Healthy Latina joined Loisa as an owner with the launch of our Sofrito, which she co-created with the company based on her family’s heritage recipe. Under her platform, Chef Yadi leads educational efforts to address food justice, nutrition & health inequities in NYC and beyond.

MexiGrips Phone Holders


Add a touch of culture to your loved one’s phone with MexiGrips Phone Holders! These 3D wonders not only showcase your cultura, but they also revolutionize how you handle your phone. Pop, tilt, wrap, prop, collapse, grip, repeat – these holders enhance your phone’s grip and capabilities. No more dropping your phone due to a lost grip; these grips let your hand relax while securely holding your device. Perfect for texting, calling, photos, and selfies, MexiGrips are compatible with all smartphones and tablets. ¡Demuestra tu cultura con estilo while enjoying the practical benefits of a secure and comfortable phone grip! 📱✨

Efrain Tinoco


Mexistuff was created and is still ran and operated by Efrain Tinoco. Originally from Guanajuato, Mexico – Efrain migrated to the United States with his family when he was just a kid. Taking after his dad’s entrepreneur spirit, Efrain has started and grown several businesses in the USA.

Mexistuff was born out of his love and pride for his Mexican heritage. The Concha PANtuflas were 100% invented and brought to life by him and have been awarded a USA design patent.

He is constantly thinking of new creative products that represent the rich Mexican culture.

D.I.Y Mini Pot Kit



Unleash your creativity with the D.I.Y Mini Pot Kit – the perfect regalo for plant lovers, makers, and DIY enthusiasts. Ever dreamed of crafting your own pots? Este kit makes it a reality as you create your Concrete Planter, ready to house a small plant or organize your space with style. Ideal for beginners, this kit transforms date nights into a hands-on experience or turns a girls’ night in into a crafting fiesta with wine, a playlist, and some DIY magic. Need a thoughtful last-minute gift? Make someone a concrete planter! El kit includes everything you need – from a reusable silicone mold, tools, and instructions to a Concrete Geometric Quick Dry Mix, pigment of your choice, and gloves. Watch a detailed video to guide you through every step. ¡Despierta la creatividad y regala la experiencia de hacerlo tú mismo! 🌿🎁

Krizia Flores


Founded in 2013, Concrete Geometric grew out of founder Krizia Flores’ love for minimalism and geometric objects.

Growing up in a DIY household helped frame her passion for creating the clothes she wanted to wear and the art she wanted to see, her frequent camping trips as a child, and LA’s constantly growing industrial landscape.

Krizia believes creativity just happens when you’re really inspired by your surroundings.

Colombian Art Ceramic Mugs



Celebrate Colombian culture with the Colombian Art Ceramic Mugs – regalos perfectos for those who adore bandeja paisa from Colombia, especially in the vibrant city of Medellin. También, we offer the Colombian map mug, ideal para ese Colombiano or Colombiana in your life who takes pride in their roots. 💛💛💙❤️ With a high-quality design that flaunts your Colombian pride, these mugs are the perfect gift to elevate your Colombian style. Sip your morning coffee, evening tea, or anything in between with these 14 fluid oz and 12 oz mugs crafted from ceramic and cold porcelain. ¡Demuestra tu amor por Colombia con cada sorbo! ☕🇨🇴



Hailing from Colombia, Yuliett is an accomplished artist specializing in crafting exquisite pieces from air-dried, cold porcelain. Each creation is meticulously crafted, ensuring a durable and high-quality final product. Yuliett takes pride in her ability to produce unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that stand apart.

Beyond the available pre-made items, Yuliett welcomes custom orders, tailoring designs to meet individual preferences. Whether seeking a special gift or a personal indulgence, she is dedicated to bringing your vision to life. Follow Yuliett on Instagram, Facebook, and Etsy for updates on her latest designs. Thank you for supporting handmade art – Yuliett looks forward to collaborating with you soon! 🎨 👩🏻‍🎨

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