About Us

Amigos was created by Danay Escanaverino in December 2020 during the height of the pandemic when Clubhouse’s social audio app launched.

Soon after, she was joined by a team of founding admins, who shared her vision of creating a community for Latinos, by Latinos to elevate Latino professionals.

The admins have evolved into a leadership team which consists of Latinx professionals and influencers who are committed to creating and hosting spaces and collaborations that foster connections and opportunities for the community to serve its mission.

The Mission

Elevating the Latino Professional Community by maximizing opportunities for members to connect with the resources and support that they need to thrive and become leaders in their industries all while honoring our unity and diversity with a sprinkling of fun and authenticity.


To become the go-to resource for Latinx professionals to find their tribe in order to:

  1. Level Up Careers.
  2. Build Sustainable Wealth.
  3. Launch & Grow Businesses.
  4. Pay it forward / Advocacy.

    We do this by providing spaces and events that discuss and connect Latinx professionals with the following opportunities for FREE:

    • Networking: Daily networking events at 10:00 AM EST with a rotating panel of hosts.
    • Education: Partnerships with organizations and members offering certifications and higher education opportunities.
    • Business Tools & Resources: Repository of tools and resources.
    • Career Opportunities: Connections with recruiters and employers.
    • Marketing: Opportunities to be featured in gift guides, events and multiple outlets in order to build brand awareness and thought leadership.
    • Inspiration: Events featuring inspiring Latinos and celebrities that our members connect with during Q&A sessions.
    • Mentorship: Opportunities for members to both mentor and be mentored.

    The Future

    As the social audio landscape evolves, Amigos is poised to launch its community onto each new platform and discover ways to leverage their tools to support the mission.

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