We are launching a new series of interviews to highlight the amazing contributions that Latinos are making as professionals and entrepreneurs. These topics are designed to highlight the diverse experiences and contributions of Latino professionals and entrepreneurs across various sectors, offering both inspiration and practical advice to our audience.

Below are our current topics:

  1. Latinos in Technology – Featuring interviews with Latino professionals who have made significant strides in the tech industry, discussing their journey, challenges, and advice for aspiring tech enthusiasts.
  2. Latino Founders – Sharing inspiring stories of Latino entrepreneurs, the challenges they faced in starting their businesses, and their vision for the future.
  3. Latinos in Media and Entertainment – Exploring the experiences of Latino professionals in the media and entertainment industry, discussing representation, stereotypes, and the impact of Latino culture on mainstream media.
  4. Latinos Leading Sustainable Change – Highlighting Latino professionals in the green energy sector, discussing their contributions to sustainable practices and environmental advocacy.
  5. Navigating the Corporate Ladder: Success Strategies from Latino Executives – Insights from successful Latino executives on climbing the corporate ladder, including mentorship, professional development, and overcoming biases.
  6. Latino Creatives – Interviews with Latino artists who use their platform for social and political activism, discussing how their heritage influences their work.
  7. Healthcare Heroes – Focusing on Latino healthcare workers and their critical roles, especially in the context of public health challenges and community outreach.
  8. Latino Innovators Transforming Learning – Conversations with Latino educators and innovators who are making significant impacts in the field of education, discussing their approaches to learning and student engagement.
  9. Financial Empowerment from Latino Financial Experts – Offering insights from Latino professionals in finance, covering topics like wealth building, financial literacy in the Latino community, and navigating financial challenges.


Individuals who are accepted for this series will be featured an article where an interview will be conducted via email questionnaire.

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