Florama Tagua Bracelet Multicolor Circles Handmade
Here are our favorite gifts for those jewelry lovers by Latino businesses. Find the perfect piece of jewelry for your loved ones.

Latino Holiday Gifts for Jewelry Lovers – 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Here are our favorite gifts for those jewelry lovers by Latino businesses. Find the perfect piece of jewelry for your loved ones.

Tagua Handmade Multicolor Circles Bracelet



Add a touch of vibrant joy to your loved one’s style with the Tagua Handmade Multicolor Circles Bracelet by Florama. The playful combination of shapes and colors makes it a unique and fun accessory that effortlessly complements any outfit. The elastic cord ensures a comfortable fit for everyone. Plus, todas las tagua beads used are sustainable, organic, and vegan – crafted from pure vegetable ivory (Tagua seeds). Gift this uncommon and eco-friendly accessory to someone special, and let them wear a piece of nature’s beauty with every stretch and movement. 🌿✨

Andy Olano


FLORAMA means love plants…Two words merged: “FLORA” (plants) and “AMA” (spanish word that means “To love”). All of the jewelry is plant based. During a holiday in Colombia, founder Andy Olano stumbled upon this remarkable raw material called “Tagua” (AKA: Vegetable Ivory).

The sheer beauty and versatility of these seeds drove him to connect the dots between green lifestyle and chic product design. Since then he has been designing and making sustainable and organic jewelry for FLORAMA’s natural collection 🙂

Elegance Earrings (Wide) by Cecilia's Steel



Gift a touch of timeless elegance with the Elegance Earrings (Wide) by Cecilia’s Steel. Estos earrings are not just accessories; they’re a statement piece that effortlessly transitions from jeans to the red carpet. Fun de llevar and incredibly versatile, they can be the solo accent or the perfect complement to necklaces or scarves. Featured in two lengths, 2″ and 5 1/2″, these earrings are a fashion chameleon. ¡Importante! The longer ones can be folded over by passing the earring hook through the end loop, offering a versatile look, perfect for occasions where you want to rock one earring longer than the other. Gift these earrings to someone special, and let them adorn themselves with timeless sophistication for any and every occasion. 🌟💫

Cecilia Taibo Rahban


Uruguyan born Cecilia Taibo Rahban and found freedom of expression and innovation in the Los Angeles art scene which led her to explore art making with different materials and techniques, resulting in her bold and elegant stainless steel jewelry designs.

She received accolades and exhibitions including Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA, the Museum of Latin American Art, World Art Dubai, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art and M.A.D. (Moda Arte Design) Gallery Milano in Milan, as well her Art Story being featured at the National Endowment for the Arts website.

The Latina Gift Set Bracelets



Celebrate the vibrant spirit of Latina heritage with the Latina Gift Set Bracelets by Coria Creative. Este conjunto de pulseras is more than just a collection; it’s a tribute to the rich diversity of Latina culture. Inspired by the first bracelet in the collection, this set is specially styled for the holidays, allowing you to choose between a sage or black heart stacker for that extra touch of personalization. Además, customize the representation that resonates best with you – whether it’s Latina, Latinx, Latine, or your very own special inscription. Gift this set to a proud Latina in your life, and let them wear the essence of their heritage with pride and style. 🌺🎁

Bridgette Sepsey


Bridgette began Coria Creative  by accident while teaching herself a new skill during quarantine of 2020. She later realized her passion for it.

This first generation Cuban and mom of two set out t offer a product that was meaningful. She creates custom pieces that women can wear on the daily with special names or initials, a piece of their heart on their wrist, but also have a huge focus on Latine phrases and interest, a representation in the custom jewelry world that she had looked for myself and could not find.


Dotty ring by Melrie



Enhance your loved one’s ring collection with the Dotty Ring by Melrie. This ring is more than just jewelry; it’s a crucial addition to any ring stack. Whether worn on its own or stacked with other favorites, the Dotty band effortlessly makes a stunning style statement. Its versatility allows for endless possibilities, adding a touch of elegance to casual days or complementing more elaborate ensembles for a night out. Gift this timeless piece to someone special and let them adorn their fingers with a touch of effortless beauty. 🌟💍



Inspired by a childhood immersed in artistic exploration, Mericia developed a profound love for handmade craftsmanship. Growing up in a household that encouraged diverse creative pursuits, jewelry-making became a lifelong passion. Introduced to the craft by a mother assembling jewelry at home, the creator eagerly embraced the opportunity and hasn’t looked back since. In February 2017, after leaving a job, they took a leap of faith to establish Melrie, driven by an unwavering love for creating jewelry. Now featured among thriving Latino businesses, Melrie specializes in crafting unique pieces, inviting you to explore and enjoy the artistry born from a genuine love for handmade treasures. Thank you for being part of this creative journey!

Monsterra Gold Earrings by Rayza Art Studio



Gift a touch of bohemian elegance with the Monsterra Gold Earrings by Rayza Art Studio. Delight your loved one with wearable art crafted from polymer clay with a gold leaf charm. Extremely lightweight and suitable for sensitive ears, these boho beauties feature earring backs made with pure titanium, ensuring they’re hypoallergenic and safe for all. Please note que son handmade, so slight variations may occur, guaranteeing you a pair of earrings as unique as you are. Made with high-quality polymer clay, treat them gently for lasting beauty. 🌿✨

Rayza Lowry


Rayza Lowry lives in New Jersey but grew up in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

She started Rayza’s Art Studio as a way to cope with stress and anxiety during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

What started as therapy, ended up being a small business!

Rayza is also a Social Worker who loves art, nature and music.

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  1. Hi!
    This is Cecilia from Cecilia’s Steel. Thank you so much for including my creations on your gift guide and your wonderful write up!!
    I’d like to note that while the price in green is correct ($50 on the 2” long earrings,) is not the same as the one above left on the photo ($25.60,) and I kindly would like to request to have both the same: $50.
    Instead of a discount, I’m offering free shipping within the U.S.A. on all orders, no coupon needed (usually free shipping only on orders over $70.)
    Thanks again!

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