Living on a Prayer and a Comfort Zone

Leave the comfort zone

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks is a must read for anyone who lived through the pandemic and got stuck living in their comfort zone. The book is written in such an easy to understand method and it flows like a breakthrough river splashing over limited beliefs. As a Breakthrough Coach working with female entrepreneurs who experience imposter syndrome — The Big Leap is such a compliment to the work I do that it’s recommended reading for all clients wanting to leave the comfort zone.

The Big Leap is a gentle reminder that we create our lives and that if we take responsibility for them as well, then we can start to maneuver into uncharted breakthrough territory with insight, discovery, and deep self inquiries. If you believe you don’t deserve wealth or happiness—there’s a limited belief hidden deep in your subconscious that’s always running in the background keeping that limitation alive. This impacts your money, your health, and keeps your happiness far far away.

The comfort zone has you stay stuck in the same job that doesn’t pay well, or a relationship where the only thing that thrives is chaos and it’s all because deep inside there’s a root belief that whispers sweet negatives into your ear like, “You aren’t good enough,” or “You aren’t worthy of anything better.” These whispers will eventually get louder until you do something about it. A lot of times, it’s small steps like working with a coach, getting a mentor, or just picking up a good book with instructions on what next steps to take. To get beyond the comfort zone, you just can’t want it, you have to create a plan to step out of it. 

According to Hendricks, there are three zones a person can operate from: the zone of competence, the zone of excellence, and the zone of genius. The ultimate goal is to be in your zone of genius and if you’re not — there’s an upper limit problem. The obstacles keeping you from living your best life, inside of abundance and bliss (your zone of genius) are caused by four barriers.

The four fundamental barriers you get to confront in the book are:

  1. The false belief that you are fundamentally flawed in some way. This feeling will have you constantly self sabotage your success because you don’t feel worthy of it. And in the rare chances that something good happens to you (a raise, a new job, a new relationship) you end up messing it up somehow to prove your belief that you are flawed and don’t deserve nice things.
  2. Barrier two is believing that by succeeding, you are being disloyal or leaving behind people in your past. So many times this feeling alone will have you not even go for opportunities because “that’s just not for me or my kind”. You believe that it’s’ a way of being disloyal to your roots and therefore stay inside the comfort zone always looking out.
  3. Barrier three is the belief that you are a straight up burden to the world. You end up living a small life never rocking the rock because to do so will end up in your being an even bigger burden.
  4. The fourth barrier is the belief that you must dim your light so as to never outshine someone else in your past. This has you cap your brilliance and always be in the background devastated knowing you are capable of so much more. 

If you have ever felt you were destined for greatness or that you had so much more to give to the world but you’re holding back your intelligence, humor, or wisdom, then The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks is a book I recommend. To get out of your comfort zone, try the exercises in the book to unlock those limited beliefs holding you back. The book is like a life coach you can carry along with you as you create these new breakthroughs in your life.
I, myself, had a breakthrough while reading the book. If you’re interested in hearing about it — DM me on instagram. And if you’re a female entrepreneur looking for a Breakthrough when it comes to money blocks, feeling worthy of success, and deserving of unlimited abundance — hit me up, let’s see if The Bold Boss Academy is right for you.

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