Hispanic Heritage Month 20 Questions

As we plan our AMIGOS HH Country celebrations, I thought I'd share twenty prompts that will get you thinking about your roots and heritage so that you can join in the celebrations and share about your country.

One of my favorite things about Hispanic Heritage month is learning about other Latinx/Latino/Hispanic countries and the histories, cultures and people.

As we plan our AMIGOS HH Country celebrations, I thought I’d share twenty prompts that will get you thinking about your roots and heritage so that you can join in the celebrations and share about your country.

1. Music & Songs

Share a song that shows the typical music. What types of instruments are typically used in this music and how did they get introduced? Were they from the indigenous people? Were they brought from Africa, Spain or other countries?

2. Poetry

Is there a poem that reminds you of your patria? One of my favorite is the poem from Jose Marti, Los Zapaticos de Rosa.

3. Musician or Brand

Tell us about a famous band or musician that comes from your country. Think Celia Cruz from Cuba, Maluma from Colombia, Ricky Martin from Puerto Rico and Juan Gabriel from Mexico.

What are some of their biggest hits? What about lesser known artists or those from earlier generations?

4. Saying or Dicho

What is something that when it’s said, you know it’s from a Peruvian? Likewise, each country and region has their own sayings.

5. Holidays & Special Occasions

What are the holidays that are celebrated in your country? Do you celebrate Dia de los Muertos or Carnaval? What about religious holidays?

When does your country celebrate its independence? What is the story behind it? Was there a big battle?

6. Remedy / Remedia

Share a remedy that your mami or abuelita used to make you feel better.

7. Dance

What are the dances that come from your country?

8. Desserts

Tres Leches from Argentina and Flan from so many places. What desserts do you remember eating growing up that bring you back to your culture and your childhood?

9. Inventions

Did someone from your country create something we use today?

10. Religion & Spirtutality

What religions or spiritual beliefs are held? How did they come about?

11. The Flag

Share the story of the flag.

12. Movies

What movie was made in your country? Or what movie about your country is pretty accurate?

13. Indigenous Culture

Tell us about the indigenous culture? Are there tribes that still practice certain rituals?

14. Childhood Stories

Tell us about your childhood or stories you were told about your ancestors and their lives. What about it reminds you of the country?

15. Toys

Were there any toys you played with or that come from your country?

16. Famous Leaders

Who is a person from your country that you think everyone should know about? It can be a former president who made real change or a revolutionary who did great things.

17. Celebrities

Which celebrities from your country bring you pride? What about them do you love and how do they represent your country and its culture?

18. Recipe or Favorite Dish

What are your favorite foods and dishes from your country? What is the history of these foods? Were they brought to the country from somewhere else?

19. Famous Authors

What authors, famous or not are from your country?

20. Myths or Misrepresentations

What myths do you want to dispel about your country?

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