GRANT: BBB Small Business Grant Program – Tennessee & Kentucky (Deadline 11/17/23)

BBB Small Business Grant Program in Tennessee and Kentucky - AmigosMax Grants for Latino Business
GRANT: BBB Small Business Grant Program - Tennessee & Kentucky (Deadline 11/17/23)

About The Grant

In recognition of the pivotal role small businesses play in our communities, the BBB Integrity Foundation serving Middle TN and Southern KY has introduced The Small Business Grant Program in Honor of B.J. Howard. This initiative aims to provide financial assistance to accredited small businesses that have faced challenges, whether due to weather, illness, fire, accidents, or any other obstacles within the past 12 months. With the understanding that businesses constitute the backbone of the American economy, supporting them during times of adversity becomes a profound honor. The program reflects the BBB’s commitment to giving back to businesses that have supported their services for over a century, emphasizing the interconnectedness of businesses and communities.

The BBB Small Business Grant Program, available in Tennessee and Kentucky, aims to support and empower small businesses in the region. This grant initiative, facilitated by the Better Business Bureau, provides financial assistance to eligible entities, fostering growth and sustainability. Small business owners can seize this opportunity to propel their ventures forward and contribute to the economic development of their communities.

Important Details

  • 1. Application Deadline: The application timeline is November 17, 2023.
  • 2. Link to Application: To apply for the grant, visit the official website at the BBB.
  • 3. Donor Name: The grant is generously provided by the Better Business Bureau, a trusted entity committed to supporting the growth of small businesses.
  • 4. State(s): This grant is applicable to businesses located in Tennessee and Kentucky.
  • 5. Grant Duration: The duration of the BBB Small Business Grant Program is specified in the application guidelines, ensuring recipients have the necessary support for their initiatives.

Taking Action

Now that you’re armed with information about the BBB Small Business Grant Program, it’s crucial to take action promptly. Don’t miss the application deadline and ensure your business benefits from this opportunity. Additionally, share this grant initiative with your network of Latino businesses, amplifying the impact and fostering a collaborative environment for success.

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