GRANT: 2024 Festival Cultural Event Support Fund (Deadline 10/27/23)

2024 Festival Cultural Event Support Fund - AmigosMax Grants for Latino Business
Applications for the 2024 Festival & Cultural Event Support Fund Will Be Accepted Until Friday, October 27, 2023

About The Grant

The 2024 Festival Cultural Event Support Fund is a fantastic opportunity for small business owners looking to enhance their presence in the cultural event landscape. This fund, generously provided by an anonymous donor, aims to support innovative cultural events and festivals in various states. It’s a chance to bring your creative ideas to life and make a meaningful impact on your community.

Important Details

  • 1. Application Deadline: The application deadline is detailed in the “Application Timeline” section of the original article.
  • 2. Link to Application: Apply Here
  • 3. Donor Name: Anonymous Donor
  • 4. State(s): The grant is applicable to specific states as mentioned in the original article.
  • 5. Grant Duration: The duration of the grant is not specified in the provided information.
  • 6. Date Published: [Insert the date the original article was published here.]

Taking Action

Seize this incredible opportunity to boost your cultural event or festival. Be sure to review the application deadline and submit your proposal via the provided application link. Additionally, share this grant opportunity within your network of fellow Latino businesses. Together, we can create vibrant cultural experiences that leave a lasting impression on our communities.

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