Empower Hour Series: Latino Professionals Answer: How Do You Find Motivation When It’s Gone?

Are you often feeling unmotivated when faced with doing things that matter to you?

You are not alone.

That is why, this Empower Hour, our panel of Latino professionals share their own tips for tackling the problem of little or no motivation.

Join Susie Castellanos, Danay Escanaverino, Ale Cortina, Lupita Gutierrez, Luz Nazario, Rodrigo Bravo and other Latino professionals as they discuss how they personally stay motivated.

Latino Empower Hour – How Do You Find Motivation When It’s Gone?

Susie Castellanos

Susie is an Empowerment Coach for Female Trailblazers. She helps high-achieving women who came from poverty & have unresolved past traumas that keep them in unsatisfying careers or relationships let go of the fears that hold them back so they can live the confident, bold, & authentic lives they are meant to live.

Learn more about Susie on her Instagram: @lifecoachsusiehansley

Danay Escanaverino

Danay is the founder of AMIGOS. She is a Latina serial entrepreneur and speaker who is passionate about elevating the Latino professional community. AS CEO of LunaSol Media, Danay connects brands with Latinx consumers while helping multicultural creators monetize their audiences.

Learn more about Danay on her Instagram: @danay.e

Ale Cortina

Ale is a Confidence and Self-Love Coach who helps women overcome Self-Doubt to believe in THEMSELVES and be CAPABLE of figuring S#*! Out.

Learn more about Ale on her Instagram: @alecortinaxo

Lupita Gutierrez

Lupita is founder Betteryouspace.com and is often found discussing personal development and all things that matter to the Latinx community.

Learn more about Lupita on her Instagram: @lupita_betteryouspace

Luz Nazario

Luz is a passionate educator who is also founder and creator of NEDA’s Coquito, an egg-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and suitable for vegans Puerto Rican liquor.

Learn more about Luz on her Instagram: @nedascoquito

Rodrigo Bravo

A certified mediator for civil cases, family custody, divorce, and elder care, Rodrigo practices in person within Texas and online via Zoom. He is is a proud LGBTQ+ parent who also uses his mediation skills as a co-parenting coach.

Learn more about Rodrigo on his Instagram: @mrbravo365

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Empower Hour - Latino Professionals Answer - How Do You Find Motivation When Its Gone
Empower Hour – Latino Professionals Answer – How Do You Find Motivation When Its Gone

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