2024 Professional Development Grant Program – North Dakota is Live! (Deadline 4/23/2024)

North Dakota Council on the Arts 2024 Professional Development Grant - AmigosMax Grants for Latino Business
Explore the North Dakota Council on the Arts' Professional Development Grant offering up to $1,000 for artists and arts organizations. Apply by April 23, 2024, for a chance to enhance your skills and contribute to North Dakota's vibrant arts scene. Find eligibility details and application link here.

About The Grant – Professional Development Grant Program

The Professional Development Grant Program, spearheaded by the North Dakota Council on the Arts, is a reimbursement initiative designed to support individuals and organizations in the arts sector of North Dakota. Offering up to $1,000, this grant aims to facilitate various arts-related learning activities for nonprofit art organizations, educational institutions, individual artists, and arts educators. The core objective of the program is to enhance the arts scene in North Dakota by providing ample opportunities for stakeholders to engage in workshops, seminars, classes, and other professional development activities that can bolster both artistic and business competencies.

Important Details

  • 1. Application Deadline: April 23, 2024
  • 2. Link to Application: https://www.arts.nd.gov/grants/arts-organizations/professional-development
  • 3. Donor Name: North Dakota Council on the Arts
  • 4. State(s): North Dakota
  • 5. Grant Duration: 1 Year
  • 6. Grant Amount: Up to $1,000
  • 7. Qualification Criteria: Applicants must be North Dakota residents and could be individual artists, arts educators, North Dakota state tax-exempt nonprofit arts organizations, federally tax-exempt nonprofit arts organizations, or North Dakota public education institutions. Additional criteria apply based on the category of the applicant.

Taking Action

Seizing this grant opportunity could be a game-changer for individuals and organizations within the arts community of North Dakota. It’s not just about the financial support but the doors it opens for professional growth and the ripple effect it can have within the community. Remember, the deadline is April 23, 2024, so ensure your application is in well before this date. Moreover, sharing this opportunity within your network can amplify the impact, helping to foster a thriving arts scene across North Dakota. Let’s make the most of this opportunity and support each other in elevating the arts.

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