AMIGOS 2021 Holiday Gift Guide – Art

Here are our favorite artsy gifts. Latinx Xmas Cards from AboutACloud $5 Tuki Tuki Tuki Xmas Card You will NOT find anything that isn’t delightfully original in this shop. There are cards for every occasion including Quineañeras, cafecito, birthdays, navidad, gracias and many many more.  Choose from a single card or get a collection for […]

Grants 11/10/2021

FedEx: Drop Off, Win Big Sweepstakes today! The Sweepstakes is open, and your business can win $10,000*Get ready to make every drop off count. Each package you drop off earns a sweepstakes entry for a chance to win a cash prize of $10,000 this holiday season.Three grand prizewinners will receive$10,000*Ten first prize winnerswill receive$5,000* Minority […]