The Long Beach, CA Neighborhood Assoc Grant Program (Deadline Aug 24, 2023)

The Grant Program for Long Beach Neighborhood Associations: How to Apply-AmigosMax Grants for Latino Business
The Grant Program for Long Beach Neighborhood Associations: How to Apply-AmigosMax Grants for Latino Business

About The Grant

The City of Long Beach in California is offering the CDBG Neighborhood Grant Program (CDBG NGP) to established neighborhood associations in Long Beach. The grant aims to provide support for neighborhood public service programs and projects. The grant amount is $10,000, and the duration is six months.

Important Details

  • 1. Application Deadline: The deadline to submit proposals/applications for the CDBG Neighborhood Grant Program is 08/24/2023.
  • 2. Link to Application: For more information and to apply for the grant, visit the City of Long Beach website at

Taking Action

It is crucial for interested neighborhood associations in Long Beach to take action and submit their proposals/applications before the deadline. The CDBG Neighborhood Grant Program offers an opportunity for these associations to receive financial assistance for their public service programs and projects, benefiting the local community. Don’t miss out on this chance to make a positive impact in your neighborhood.

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