Story Template: The Metaphor

Copywriting Template - The metaphor AmigosMax Tools for Latino Business
If you find yourself in need of fresh story ideas, a treasure trove awaits with a simple online search. Just type in "popular metaphors or analogies," and voila!

#2: The Metaphor

If you find yourself in need of fresh story ideas, a treasure trove awaits with a simple online search. Just type in “popular metaphors or analogies,” and voila!

Your quest for inspiration concludes, presenting you with an inexhaustible array of possibilities.

You can even take that metaphor and use it in a ChatGPT type prompt.

Create a blog post about the importance of planning your engagement photo session using the metaphor of “the elephant in the room” for a wedding photography company. in a friendly voice.

All you need is a specific prompt using the following components:

  1. Metaphor you want to use: Elephant in the Room
  2. Tie-In (What the post is actually about): Importance of planning the engagement photo session
  3. Type of content: Blog Post
  4. Type of Company: Wedding Photography Company

The results are incredible. Just be sure to edit it to be in your own voice.

This metaphor story style is particularly potent when crafting compelling emails. Metaphors and analogies can serve as the very nucleus of your email’s concept, acting as springboards propelling you into the creative process.

The golden thread, however, lies in seamlessly weaving these metaphors back to your product or service. This alchemical fusion is where the magic happens.

Check out Danay’s article about the Social Media Cha Cha and you will see a metaphor story in action.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

“Life is like a roller coaster. You can either scream every time there’s a bump, or you can throw your hands up and enjoy the ride.”

Tie-In: Share a story about how being effective on social media is about being okay doing things that don’t always work.

You reap what you sow”

Tie-In: Share a story about how many business owners know they should be more active on social media, but they don’t and they cannot reap the benefits of sowing those posts (seeds).

These are just a few quick examples, but this shows you just how easy it can be.

The goal is to use metaphors or analogies as jumping off points into your own stories instead of just sharing boring facts.

HINT: The metaphors themselves are great caption starters for your social media posts on ANY platform.

Let’s get to those metaphors!

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