Story Template: Before & After

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#1: The before and after story

This is one of the most tried and true templates there is. It can be used in ads, emails, and everything in between.

You’re simply sharing with your prospects that you used to be just like them before you were where you are today. You experienced their same problems, setbacks, and frustrations. But then something happened or was discovered which changed everything. You no longer suffer from those same problems.

Ultimately it transformed everything for you and brought you where you are today. Now you experience all the benefits.

You can simply fill in the blanks.

[I was just like you…]

[Experiencing the same problems…]

[Until “x” happened or was discovered…]

[Now I don’t suffer from “x” anymore…]

[Now I experience “xyz” benefits…]

The main key in before and after stories is the transformation. That’s what it’s all about.

The darker the pain, the brighter the pleasure.

But don’t think this type of story can only be used for “big” life-changing events.

You can use it for anything you can think of! Just right now, there was a “before reading this article” and now an “after reading this article” and the transformation which took place in your understanding of stories.

Use before and after stories to help engage your audience and demonstrate the transformation (both big and small) which can also take place for them

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