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Here are our favorite gifts for foodies by Latino businesses.

Latino Holiday Gifts for Foodies- 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Here are our favorite gifts for foodies by Latino businesses.

Nucolato Hazelnut Spread


Nucolato is a hazelnut spread with no sugar added, zero palm oil, gluten-free, and keto friendly.

This hazelnut spread is too good to be true!

Ingredients: Sweetener: maltitol, sunflower oil, hazelnut (10%), reduced fat cocoa powder (6.5%), milk solids, skim milk powder, cocoa butter, coconut oil, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin(Helianthus annuus), natural vanilla flavoring.

Arnulfo Trevino


Arnulfo Trevino (aka: Andres)  created Nucolato witht he help of his parents after learning that the market leading brand has 55g of sugar per 100g of serving.   

He, along with his family, understanding the benefits and a potential better taste, launched the adventure, which fitted our family health style and vision to offer healthier and as tastier alternatives!!  

Nucolato was born in 2019 to offer that flavor that we all love, with healthier/environmental benefits (no sugar added, zero palm oil, and gluten-free). Nucolato is a hazelnut spread too good to be true!

Chocho Superfood Protein Single Serving Packets


Cultivated by Indigenous farmers for centuries along the Inca trail in the Andes, Chocho is an ancient crop with superior benefits.

A complete plant protein, Chocho is naturally packed with calcium, vitamin E, magnesium, plant fiber, 9/9 essential amino acids, and more protein than any other plant source on the planet.

Best of all, Chocho is regenerative: for the body, the soil where it grows, the Andean farming communities, and the planet as a whole.

Ricky Echanique


Mikuna was founded by Ricky Echanique, a fifth generation farmer from Ecuador, and a mean tennis player. (“mean” like…good at tennis…he’s super nice.) After struggling with health and digestive issues throughout his twenties, he began to look into better forms of nutritional healing, and as luck would have it, the answer was right there at his home, in the form of an ancient protein known as Chocho.

This powerful lupin has been harvested for thousands of years by Andean farmers, but it isn’t very well-known because it’s grown so remotely. With his deep roots in the agricultural community in Ecuador, Ricky felt confident that he could share Chocho with the world. 

Cafesitos de Soldaderas!


Soldadera is a beverage brand that brings natural flavors, culture, and history alive through its fusion of Mexican-style nitro-infused cold brew coffee & tea while uplifting minority women.

Their “Cafe de Olla’ flavor is like no other cold brew. This cold brew is full of complex flavors & spices inspired by Mexican women from the 1900s. Soldadera takes these traditional flavors, the essence of Mexico, and brings them to your enjoyment anytime anywhere.

Gabriela & Mario Rodriguez


A diverse sibling duo of immigrants leads Soldadera from Mexico City.

Co-founders Gabriela and Mario Rodriguez were raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Gabriela is a former IT Engineer, and Mario is a former Product Design & Release Engineer from Stellatis (FCA|PSA).

They both left their jobs to pursue the coffee industry with their grandmother’s recipe.

Coquito In A Box



Everyone deserves Coquito for the holidays. And now, ANYONE can make NEDA’s dairy free, egg free, gluten-free and vegan friendly Coquito!

Your loved ones will be delighted to receive this Coquito-In-A-Box so they can make their own coquito with all of the necessary ingredients and NEDA’s Spice blend.

Just add your favorite spirit and you have your own home made coquito without 

And if you have a picky eater or someone with food allergies or a special diet, this is the perfect foodie gift for them!

Luz Nazario


Luz Nazario is the creator and founder of NEDA’s Coquito and a veteran educator with more than 25 years’ experience preparing and educating the future game changers.

She is part of the one-third of American educators that own a small business.

Born in Puerto Rico, Luz resides in Miami, Florida with her family and is a proud Boricua.

Matcha Almond Butter



Creamy almond butter made with 3 natural ingredients: Matcha, almonds and coconut sugar.

It’s the perfect addition to your daily routine if you need a nice little kick of energy.

Perfect on fruit, yogurt, pancakes, waffles, smoothies and so much more!

Alicia and Alejandra Torres-Candè


Founded in 2018 by trained chef, Alicia Torres Candé and sister, Alejandra Torres Candé, Lasto Foods is a convenient and silky-smooth alternative to traditional nut butters, delivered in a mess-free squeezable container, making it ideal for incorporating into recipes and crafting picture perfect presentation.

The brand’s products are made with only real ingredients, are 100% natural and do not contain additional oils or stabilizers.

Check out the other categories below to round out your Christmas list and support Latino businesses this holiday!

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