Job Opportunities 05/08/2023


Ryan Donahue is hiring product designer for Databricks

Hongmei Ge is hiring Principal Software Engineering Manager for Microsoft

Junfeng Zhang is hiring experienced backend and frontend engineers for TikTok

Robyn Marquis is hiring Mobility Funding and Partnerships Manager for CALSTART

Joscha Koepke is hiring Product Marketing Manager for

Vincent is hiring Software Engineers for Uber

Ben Clayman is hiring grad backend engineer for Square Checking (Canada)

Oscar Peppitt is hiring Product Manager for Cutr

Elena Zangeeva is hiring Staff Product Designer for Bumble

Sarah Starr is hiring across the board for Ordergroove

Ronen Shnidman is hiring senior backend engineer for Justt (Israel)

Elia Borrini is hiring Customer Experience Agents for Rover (Spain)

Amedeo Giannoccolo is hiring Content Moderators for TikTok

Marek Záni is hiring Sales Specialist for Zlavomat (Slovakia)

Jan Thurau is hiring Senior Vue.js engineer for Codio Impact

Robert Watts is hiring senior frontend dev for Wonderbly

Lakshmi Jonasson is hiring Director of Contact Center Platforms for Navan

Alice Henneberg is hiring QA Engineers for parfumdreams

Michael Rooke is hiring Solutions Architect for Databricks

Lauryn Isford is hiring software engineers for Notion

David Sainte-Claire is hiring AWS Cloud engineer for Rivian

Isabella Vega Olite is hiring Senior Mobile Architect for Belcorp

Luke Meehan is hiring Senior Product Manager for HotDoc

Janaki Thakkar is hiring Product Manager for Square

Bart Oleszczyk is hiring front-end developer for Primate

Ryan Wilkins is hiring Senior Solution Engineers for Checkr

Brinda Panchal is hiring Product Manager for Uber

Maya Asher is hiring across the board for Atera(Israel)

Courtney Stark is hiring Senior Digital Project Manager for Velir

Meagan Tanner is hiring Partner Development Manager for Google

Amy MacPherson is hiring Workers’ Compensation Examiners for Sedgwick

Eyal Kelner is hiring Data Science Team Lead for (Israel)

Laura O’Brien is hiring Silicon Engineers for Google

Helen Brockmeyer is hiring Strategic Partner Manager for Pinterest Brazil

Charmien Fugelsang is hiring Content Specialist for nTopology

Meghan Pasnik, SHRM-CP is hiring Policy Manager for Uber

Maheen Sohail is hiring graphic/visual designer for Meta

Andrea Schmidt is hiring Backend Developer for Archilogic

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