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Elevating the Latino Professional Community by maximizing opportunities for Latino professionals to connect with the resources and support that they need to thrive and become leaders in their industries all while honoring our unity and diversity.

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To become the go-to resource for Latino professionals to find collaborators and alliances with members and member organizations in order to accelerate Latino initiatives including:

  • Increase career development opportunities through partnerships with organizations and recruiters.
  • Building wealth through education about finance and investing.
  • Launch and grow businesses via education and partnerships with organizations who supply resources for new business owners.
  • Advocacy and paying it forward through partnerships and non-partisan initiatives to increase Latino participation in local, state and national politics regardless of party affiliation.
  • Create opportunities to connect on all social media and social audio platforms including:

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Archangel Brokers Emerges as The Second National Company in Medical Insurance Assistance

— Through an innovative management model, Archangel Brokers wins the national Care Free Winners Circle contest as ‘Top Producing Agency’ 2nd Place —

Freepik Unveils AI-driven Design Transformations, Revitalizing Local Small Businesses in San Francisco’s Excelsior District As Part of The Neighborhood Design Project

— From conception to fruition, Freepik’s AI-assisted designs enhance business storefronts, interiors and merchandising in record time —

FIAP Face to Face Webinar: Artificial intelligence and creativity: Allies or adversaries? on Tuesday, April 23

MIAMI, FL — April 19, 2024 — (NOTICIAS NEWSWIRE) — Is artificial intelligence (AI) a catalyst that enhances human creativity or a threat to originality? The debate of the next edition of the FIAP Face to Face Webinar will focus on this and other questions about the impact of this dynamic technology on the advertising …

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