GRANT: Southern California Job Creators Grant (Deadline 11/13/23)

Southern California Job Creators Grant - AmigosMax Grants for Latino Business
GRANT: Southern California Job Creators Grant (Deadline 11/13/23)

About The Grant

Are you a small business owner in Southern California seeking financial support to grow your enterprise? The Founders First Community Development Corporation (CDC) has an exciting opportunity for you. The $100,000 fund will make investments to 25 diverse-led businesses in the Southern California region. This grant is designed to provide essential funding and resources to empower diverse entrepreneurs and drive economic growth in the area.

Important Details

Here are the key details you need to know about this grant opportunity:

  • Application Deadline: The application timeline for this grant is November 13, 2023
  • Link to Application: To apply for the grant, visit the official Founders First CDC website for detailed application instructions and requirements.
  • Sponsor: The grant is generously provided by the Founders First Community Development Corporation (CDC), an organization dedicated to supporting and empowering diverse businesses in Southern California.
  • State(s): This grant is applicable exclusively to businesses located in Southern California, providing a tailored opportunity for entrepreneurs in this region.

Taking Action

Don’t let this fantastic opportunity pass you by! Take action today by visiting the Founders First CDC website and exploring the grant details. If you know fellow Latino business owners in Southern California, be sure to share this valuable grant opportunity with them. Together, we can support and strengthen the Latino business community, contributing to the region’s economic growth and success.

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