Bing AI Chat Prompts for Social Media Calendar


Welcome to week one of our Friday Content Planning Room!

Here is a great, easy prompt to get you started.

I use Bing AI Chat because I like the fact that it will create a spreadsheet for me using excel. You do need a Microsoft Office 365 account for this.

You can also use ChatGPT and simply omit the spreadsheet part of the prompt, which is the last sentence.

Annnnnd, don’t forget to use your AI image creators as well. I like to create an image and then bring it over into Canva to customize it. You can see an example of that with the featured image on this post.

Here’s the simple prompt for an entire week of social media posts:

Elements of the prompt:

  1. Type of company: Replace “wedding photography company” with your own type of company or brand.
  2. Voice/Style: Change “friendly voice” to any style of voice you prefer.
  3. List the social media platforms that you want included.

Create a one-week social media strategy with daily posts for a wedding photography company. in a friendly voice. The company is active on Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. Create a spreadsheet with all the posts.

20 Specific Prompts

Use these platform-specific ChatGPT prompts to get started generating content. Remember that you can ask for one platform and then tell ChatGPT to recreate it for other platforms so that your content is catered to each platform and not just re-posted.

  1. Write a 280-character Tweet about our new product launch [DESCRIBE PRODUCT]. Direct users to this URL [INSERT URL].
  2. Write an Instagram giveaway post where users can win [INSERT PRIZE] by [INSERT CONTEST GUIDELINES]. Be sure to include [ADD DETAILS] and tag our partners [ADD PARTNERS].
  3. Turn this email newsletter into a Facebook post that is targetting parents of school-aged children: [INSERT NEWSLETTER].
  4. Write a LinkedIn post in the voice of our CEO about the importance of long-term investing strategies. Use this writing style: [INSERT SAMPLE].
  5. Pretend you are a food delivery business looking to attract more customers to your service on Facebook. Write a post that’s no more than 200 words long and encourages people to sign up, download your app, and get food delivered today.
  6. Create a LinkedIn post promoting our new online course. Describe the course in 150 words or less, and drive traffic to this URL: [INSERT URL].
  7. Generate a Twitter post that promotes our upcoming sale of [INSERT PRODUCT DESCRIPTION] with a limited-time discount code [INSERT CODE]. Make sure it’s 280 characters or less.
  8. Give me some image ideas for a pizza shop’s Instagram account. The shop wants to promote its gluten-free and vegan options in these posts.
  9. Describe the benefits of physiotherapy for knowledge workers. Then, turn these results into one Instagram post and one Tweet.
  10. Create a Facebook poll related to this year’s Oscar winners. The poll should relate somehow to a social media management software company.
  11. Turn this Tweet into a longer LinkedIn post. Be sure to target the content towards a technology CEO audience: [INSERT TWEET].
  12. Write a YouTube script that walks viewers through setting up an Instagram business account. The script should be no more than 15 seconds long and include the following keywords [INSERT KEYWORDS].
  13. Create a 15-second TikTok script that is funny, creative, and talks about waterproof shoes.
  14. Turn this blog into an Instagram post. Summarize the paper into bullet points in the body of the post: [INSERT blog].
  15. Rewrite this Instagram post as a Tweet. Keep the content to 280 characters or less: [INSERT POST].
  16. Write a LinkedIn post about why businesses should invest in social media marketing. The post should be no more than 500 words long and include this keyword: [INSERT KEYWORD].
  17. Create an Instagram story ad that promotes a sale on our website. The sale includes [INSERT SALE DETAILS]. The ad should capture viewers’ attention in 5 seconds or less and include this URL: [INSERT URL]
  18. Write a YouTube video description that is 5000 words or less. The video is titled [INSERT TITLE]. The description should include the following keywords [INSERT KEYWORDS].
  19. Write a ten-word or less TikTok bio that describes a motor vehicle company in a humorous way.
  20. Create a Pinterest pin description that showcases the fall colour predictions of an interior designer.

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Drop your favorite ChatGPT prompts in the comments!

One Response

  1. Great tips Danay! It’s amazing all of the work that goes into posting and running a cohesive business strategy.

    I started using some ChatGPT and AI prompts to help me post. I’m not the best at copywriting coming from traditional media.

    It’s a good start though.

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