Around the Latino Web 04-07-2023

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Here’s what’s happening on our favorite Latino websites.


  1. “Latinas Share Their Favorite Beauty Products for Spring” – Explore the top beauty picks favored by Latinas to refresh your spring skincare routine. Read More
  2. “How to Support Latina Entrepreneurs This Women’s History Month and Beyond” – Discover actionable ways to uplift and empower Latina entrepreneurs beyond Women’s History Month. Read More
  3. “How Latinx Makers Are Revolutionizing the Sustainable Fashion Industry” – Learn about the innovative approaches Latinx makers are taking to transform the fashion industry towards sustainability. Read More
  4. “10 Latinx-Owned Wellness Brands to Support for a Healthier Lifestyle” – Explore a curated selection of Latinx-owned wellness brands offering products to promote a healthier lifestyle. Read More
  5. “How to Create a Latinx-Inspired Home Decor Style” – Find inspiration and tips on infusing your living space with vibrant Latinx-inspired home decor elements. Read More


  1. “Peruvian Star Renata Flores Sings in Quechua, Is Now a UNESCO Artist for Peace” – Dive into the unique journey of Peruvian artist Renata Flores as she brings Quechua language and culture to the forefront of global recognition. Read More
  2. “Ecuadorian Indigenous Activist Nemonte Nenquimo Named to TIME100 Next List” – Explore the impactful work and advocacy of Nemonte Nenquimo, an Ecuadorian Indigenous leader recognized for her efforts to protect the Amazon rainforest. Read More
  3. “How Cartel Cinemas Are Revolutionizing the Experience of Watching Movies in Mexico” – Discover the unique phenomenon of cartel cinemas in Mexico, offering an alternative and immersive approach to the movie-watching experience. Read More
  4. “Latinx Digital Creators You Should Follow for Everyday Inspiration” – Meet a diverse array of Latinx digital creators whose work spans various platforms, offering daily doses of inspiration and creativity. Read More
  5. “Afro-Latino Father-Daughter Duo’s Viral Music Video Shows the Beauty of Blackness in Ecuador” – Experience the heartwarming music video by an Afro-Latino father-daughter duo, celebrating the beauty of Blackness and Afro-Ecuadorian culture. Read More

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