Amigos Miami Meetup – June 2022


Author: Danay Escanaverino

I finally made it to Miami!

Thanks to our Cocquito Queen, Luz Nazario for picking the meeting place and making our reservation.

We congregated at a The Doral Yard restaurant in Doral. The food was great, drinks were kitschy and most importantly, the company was outstanding.

Image: Danay Escanaverino, Ale Cortina, Wendy Andulmesih, Luz Nazario, and Rafis Nin

In attendance were Luz Nazario, Ale Cortina and her husband Kevin, Manel Iam, Wendy Abdulmesih, and my primita Elizabeth Ramirez.

Representing Puerto Rican Amigos, Luz is owner of NEDA’s Coquito. If you haven’t had her gluten free, egg free, vegan coquito, you don’t know what you’re missing. Head over to her website to learn more and buy yourself some coquito for heaven’s sake!

Ale Cortina, our Mexicana/Cubana mash-up, is a confidence and self love coach. She is your go-to for transformation and an absolute riot to be around. She leads some great chats on Clubhouse about wellness. Learn more about her here.

Mabel Iam, is an Argentina transplant of over 20 years, a vegetarian and author of over 20 books. Mabel can help you realize your own dream of writing and publishing a book. She also leads our Friday morning networking rooms en español. Learn more about her here.

Wendy Abdulmesih is a Venezuelan/Arabic local lifestyle blogger. Wendy is your go-to if you want to know the best places in all of South Florida. Check out her blog at Your Helpful Wendy.

Rafis Nin, our PHD candidate representing Domicanos joined us a later later in the evening. Ale, always jodiendo un poco, made sure to grab a photo of him with his grown-up man bib on. We are super proud of him and can’t wait to celebrate that “Dr.” being added to his name soon.

Rafis Nin and his infamous bib.

We chatted about all things Amigos and celebrated Wendy’s birthday.

Image: Kevin, Ale, Luz, Wendy, Mabel, Danay, Elizabeth.

It was an invigorating night full of laughter, some chisme and silliness.

I feel so blessed to have met up with Amigos I’ve already met and those I hadn’t.

We have had meetups in NYC and Miami.

Where to next?

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