2024 LinkedIn Profile Character Limits: A Complete Guide

2024 LinkedIn Character Limits

Are you getting ready to write or update your profile and wondering what the latest 2024 LinkedIn profile character limits are for each of the sections? Check below to get an instant answer of the field character counts:

Please note: Character counts include everything: spaces, letters, digits, symbols, etc.

Basic Profile Information

  • First Name: Up to 20 characters
  • Last Name: Up to 40 characters
  • Professional Headline (Desktop Version): Up to 220 characters
  • Professional Headline (Mobile Version): Up to 240 characters
  • Custom LinkedIn URL: Maximum of 29 characters
  • Instant Messaging Handle: Maximum of 25 characters
  • Physical Address: Up to 1000 characters
  • Website Anchor Text: Maximum of 30 characters
  • Website URL: Up to 256 characters
  • Telephone Number: Up to 25 characters

Detailed Profile Sections

  • About Section: Maximum of 2,600 characters
  • Experience Title: Up to 100 characters
  • Experience Description: Up to 2,000 characters
  • Skills (per individual skill): Maximum of 80 characters
  • Publication Title: Up to 250 characters
  • Publication Description: Maximum of 2,000 characters

Posts & Share Updates

A post can have up to 3000 letters and symbols. Check out LinkedIn’s post and share updates

Skills (2024)

You can list up to 100 skills.

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